Greetings from Hungry Mother Lutheran Retreat Center

Dear Friends in Christ,

As the leaves are beginning to adorn their autumn color, it will soon mark the conclusion of another camp season at HMLRC. Upon being selected as the next camp director this past May, I was immediately immersed in all the duties this position requires. While things seemed to come at me fast at times, I can look back and say it has been an extremely rewarding experience.
I have had the privilege of meeting so many people who seem to all share at least one thing. Our camp represents a special place to them but in a way that is personal to each. It has been inspiring to witness how the Holy Spirit has used these sixty acres to speak to the heart and soul of so many.
As we soon begin to drain the water from the buildings and prepare for winter, it will also signal a time for filling. This becomes the time of year for filling our program calendar for next year, filling our list of supporters, and filling each other with the excitement and anticipation of a yet another year to both experience and display the love of Christ through our camp ministry.
I am very excited to announce HMLRC will be offering much of it’s programming in a new direction. We intend to provide participants the opportunity to serve others in a variety of ways through servant camps held throughout the year. There is more need in Southwest Virginia than available resources when it comes to goods and services, particularly for the low income and disabled. Servant events have always provided both the servant and the served with rewards that transcend physical boundaries. All houses will eventually fall but a relationship built in Christ is eternal!

Please check back often and thank you for your interest. Keep our camp and ministry in your prayers as we spread God’s love in Marion Virginia.

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